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From as little as £15.00 per month you can have a great looking, lush green healthy lawn with our full service Lawn Care package. At Lawns & More we combine expertise with the latest techniques and machinery that will give you a beautiful lawn without all the hard work, allowing you more time to enjoy your garden.

We simply believe there are no short cuts to achieving a beautiful lawn, it takes time & commitment. Soil health is just as important as the grass its self. A set lawn care programme is the foundation of our service.  This is then tailored for your lawn and soil conditions, as no two lawns are exactly the same.

That is why Lawns and More offer a full service package.  First we visit you to assess the lawn,  then pull a soil core to asses your soil condition. We then take Ph Levels readings from 5 points in the lawn. Should you wish, a full laboratory Soil Test is available to address problematic soil conditions.

Seasonal feeds are then applied that are tailored for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Between each feed we address
soil and root health with organic tonic that improve the overall health of your lawn.  Weed and disease control are dealt should they arise with special services. As the season closes we then prepare the lawn for winter. Lawns and More offer all this for a set affordable monthly fee allowing you to spread the cost over 12 months.  As an Example a lawn up to 100 square metres would cost £15.00 per month on a full service package.

Lawn Restoration. Lawns and More can restore problem lawns with a full over seeding restoration,
which includes all ground
preparations. Price Guide £10 per square metre 
Please note a Site visit is Required.
For an exact quote. Minimum Charge Applies.

Turf Laying. Alternatively for an instant new lawn we can prepare your ground, add quality Top Soil  
then supply and lay new turf.
Prices Guide £15 per square metre
Please note a Site visit is Required.
For an exact quote. Minimum Charge Applies.

Lawn Care Calendar
March is the start of the Lawn Care Season but is always dependent on the weather. After a first cut we apply a Ferrous Sulphate Treatment to strengthen the turf and kill any moss.

April  is the time to clear that accumulation of thatch and moss with a good Scarfing Machine. If you suffer from excessive moss we may scarify first the apply the ferrous sulphate. The soil profile is then perforated using an Aerator to allow gasses out and oxygen in. Your first feed of fertiliser is then applied and the perforations in the soil allow nutrients into the soil and root zone. This would then be followed up with an organic lawn tonic containing soil improvers such as cold pressed sea weed an humic acid which help release locked in soil nutrients and helps the grass plant uptake nutrients more efficiently.

May is the time to look at repairs and renovations as soil temperatures rise germination rates of overseeding vastly improves, making It the ideal time to do full lawn restorations and repair any damaged areas in your lawn. May is also a good time to apply fertiliser and Aerate. As soil temperatures rise late May is great to start getting organic matter into your soil profile and surface.

June and July is the time to enjoy all the hard work thats been done early in the season. Keep your eye out for weed grasses and heat stress but mainly just enjoy mowing your lawn. The warm weather is a great time for getting organics into and onto the soil profile but don't forget your summer feed. Its also a good time to maintain a good watering program which helps your lawn flourish.

August brings with it a slightly cooler and wetter conditions. Its time to bring out the scarifier and think about over seeding and repairing the summers wear and tear. Its also another good month for aerating and feeding your lawn.

September is a good time to tackle the last of any weeds before the onset of the colder days. its an all round great time for aeration scarification and over seeding. Temperatures remain high enough for good germination rates and the damp conditions are great as the new grass emerges.

October This is the start of the end of this year's lawn care season. With scarifying and seeding  finished for those in the  North of Britain and Ireland. Generally those in the south get a few more good weeks left. Though mowing will be less frequent everywhere, fertilisation and aeration still remain on the To Do lists, October moss treatments is a must.

Winter is the time to get your mowers serviced and get all those jobs you put off done. Don't neglect your lawn, keep it free of leaves and other debris and try not to walk all over it in cold wet conditions. A winter feed won't hurt to carry it through to spring.

Individual Lawn Care Services

  • Over-seeding
  • Scarification
  • Aeration
  • Lawn Restoration
  • Seasonal Feeding
  • Moss Treatments
  • Selective Weed Control
  • Non-selective Spraying
  • Granular Spreading
  • Rotary & Reel Mowing
  • Rough Cut Mowing
  • Rolling
  • Rotavating
  • Levelling
  • Lawn Frames
  • Disease Control
  • Soil Conditioning
  • Surfactants
  • Nematodes
  • Top Soils & Loams
  • Aggregates
  • Lime
  • Soil Testing
  • Ph Testing
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